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For more information about support services, please call (406) 626-5791 and you'll be directed to the appropriate coordinator, depending on your interest.


  • Adopt-a-Station
    Thanks to our energetic community all seven stations have been adopted. Community members regularly come by and help! What a success! If you'd like to be put on a list for future adoption needs, contact the coordinator.
  • Adopt a Road
    We still need volunteers to help assessing where signs are needed, how to get them, and finally, putting them up.
  • Community Clean Up Days
    Organize a clean up of common areas in your neighborhood. We'll provide trash cans, plastic bags, and pick up. This is a good activity for young adults. Build strong values while keeping our community clean!
  • Frenchtown Bike Path
    Organize a stroll down the Frenchtown bike path with your neighbors. Give it a good sweep of rocks and sand and pick up unsightly litter. We'll provide trash bags, gloves and pick up. This is a good activity for young adult groups. Help keep our community clean!

Public Outreach

  • Smoke Detector Program
    Each neighborhood needs a smoke detector coordinator...someone who will assess and install these life saving devices in private homes. Right now, only 2 areas are covered. There's lots of work to be done!
  • Public Education Campaigns
    We could really use a hand here! We need folks from each community to help us get the message about fire prevention, fuel mitigation, address signs, and other outreach campaigns out to schools, churches, and community associations. Is your community covered?
  • Administrative Support
    We could always use help around the office, especially if you have skills as a writer. We'll be asking for help for our newsletter and grant writing.
  • Event Planning
    Volunteers can help us plan, set up, and break down community events such as parades, railroad days, banquets & our famous pancake breakfasts! Sign up ahead of time and we'll give you a call.
  • Community Care
    We always need volunteers to help the elderly and low-income households. This involves helping with household or lawn chores, taking meals, running errands, or providing transportion, especially during the holidays.


  • CPR Instructors/Assistants
    Sign up to conduct or shadow our ongoing CPR training classes. Assist or train the public in this valuable skill.
  • Crisis Care for Firefighters
    When a crisis hits our community, our firefighters can be stressed to the max. Volunteer to help care for them by signing up to bring water, food or to shuttle equipment between stations. We always need a hand in this area.
  • Victim Support
    Let us know if you'd be available to assist community members who have suffered a trauma—accident, fire, or otherwise. Victim supporters must undergo training, so sign up to be ready to offer a hand when the time comes.

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