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Frenchtown Fire is a "full service" fire department, providing many services to the community. We're committed to helping people both before and after they are threatened by life and/or property loss. It is our volunteers' courage, dedication and willingness to learn and perfect new skills that makes us successful.

Disciplines include:

  • Emergency Response
    Expect the unexpected...and be prepared! Volunteers train for all kinds of emergencies, from fire suppression to motor vehicle accident extrication to various types of rescue operations. You never know what the next call might bring.
  • Emergency Medical Services
    Volunteers become certified Emergency Medical Technicians. You'll have the opportunity to respond to virtually all medical emergencies within your designated area. The emergency medical responder is often called upon to make the ultimate difference: between life and death.
  • Wildland Fire Fighting
    When fire season strikes, volunteers are prepared to fight forest fires. Often teaming with firefighters from nearby districts, they apply effective techniques for keeping wildland fire under control.
  • Hazmat
    Volunteers learn how to deal with hazardous conditions such as chemical spills. They take classes on safely confining and containing dangerous materials in public areas.
  • Inspections
    Volunteers may assist the Fire Marshal's office in the inspection of multiple family and commercial construction. Missoula county is growing rapidly, and inspection is vital to the protection of people using these facilities.
  • Investigation
    Frenchtown Fire believes that investigation is a vital part of the services we offer. Volunteers play an important role, investigating incidents by photographing the scene, interviewing witnesses and arranging for laboratory analysis of fire scene samples.
  • Public Education
    Our volunteer fire wardens help prevent problems before they ever happen—by inspecting sites, recommending safety improvements, and issuing permits. We visit schools and public venues to promote best practices and to supply citizens the information they need to make safety-conscious decisions.
Training at Frenchtown Fire is a reflection of our commitment to providing professional quality service. The district has access to many tools and resources to make training as realistic and useful as possible. Within the district, Frenchtown has access to:
  • a live burn building with a training house
  • an industrial facility which houses opportunites for high-angle, confined-space and hazmat training
  • numerous water sources
  • a county wrecking yard
  • prescribed burns with the US Forest Service
Training helps provide quality, professional services to the residents of the fire district, but most importantly helps to insure firefighter safety.

Resident firefighters attend an organized 200 hour Recruit Academy upon entering the program meet minimum standards. Special and advanced training is available to those resident firefighters who remain in good standing. Resident firefighters are expected to assist with training operations, train community volunteers, and become proficient with equipment in assigned stations.

Within one year, residents may obtain the following certifications:
  • IFSAC Firefighter One
  • IFSAC Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Basic Wildland Firefighting
  • Montana and National EMT

Equipment & Apparatus
The district spends approximately $7000 for a new set of OSHA-certified turnout gear (coat, pants, helmet, gloves, boots and breathing apparatus). Gear is routinely checked to ensure that it is safe and in good working condition, and is discarded if any compromising damage is found.

FRFD volunteers can expect to be trained on a variety of emergency response apparatus. The district currently owns and operates:
  • Four high pump capacity structure engines
  • Two moderate pump capacity structure engines
  • Three water tender trucks
  • Four wildland patrol ("brush") trucks
  • One light and one heavy rescue vehicle
  • Two ambulances
  • Several staff duty vehicles

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