Frenchtown Rural Fire District

Chief’s Report to the Board
January 8, 2019
Period of Report: 12/5/18 – 1/2/19

Total Calls: 36
• Medical Calls: 14
• Fire Calls/Alarms: 4 (3 Wildland/Illegal)
• Motor Vehicle Accidents: 12
• Service/Other Calls: 6

• Medical Scenario (12/3) – Coordinated with USFS’s “Simulation Design &
Delivery” course to provide EMS response to their drill. Incorporated a
scenario/simulation for our crews as well.
• Upcoming:
o Wildland Refresher (1/9) – USFS annual training at our facility; FRFD
members typically attend. Tentative at this time, based on US Government
o New Member Orientation (1/12-14, 1/16) – Orientation 1 of 2019. This will
be first presentation of the revised new member in-processing procedure.
o 2019 EMT Course – 2019 course starts on 1/16/19, and will proceed
through April. Monday & Wednesday evenings, as well as a few
o Active Shooter Response – Classroom sessions tentatively in January
with field exercises February.

• Permanent Hire – Offer extended to, and accepted by, Ryan Schnee. Started
1/2/19, and will also attend the New Member Orientation.
• Temporary Hires – Temporary positions scheduled to be terminated 1/25/19.
• Fuels Mitigation Program – 2018 report scheduled for this board meeting.
• Western States WUI Grant – Grant was “recommended for funding”, meaning it
was one of the “winners”. Depends on federal funding of the program, indications
are this will not be an issue.
• Resident Program – Currently have 10 active residents (one out on medical).
Expect to lose one within one week, but gaining two in same period.
• New Member Process – First “set” of new members will be processed-in during
the newly revised procedure. Starts with New Member Orientation (24 hour
class) followed by hands on task-book completion.

• ICT3 Panel (12/13) – Was invited to sit on panel for Incident Command Type 3
training course to provide students with local and mutual aid information.

• Structure Engine – Final driver training being completed. Scheduled to place into
service within two weeks.
• Chip Truck/Hauler – Chip box delivered. Scheduling work to put the truck
together in March/April.
• Type 5 Hybrid – Picked up early December. Working on graphics,
equipment/outfitting, training, etc. Will be in service by April.
• DOT Grant Ambulance – Finalizing in-service requirements, including final
equipment, driver training, etc. Anticipate placing in service late January/early

• Nothing to report




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